Restaurant Week is Coming...

[by naveen]

I'm looking forward to Restaurant Week, but the anticipation is reminding me why I'm not a food critic. I'm so fascinated by the psychology, science, history, and logistics of a meal, yet rather deficient when it comes to rating food on any type of meaningful scale.

In contrast to a search for the perfect meal, I seem to be relentlessly driven to find new connections in the gastronomical universe. I can talk at length about my fascination with mozzarella, from the local Farmer's Markets, through the New England Cheesemaking Comapany's starter kit (three failures in a row), to a cheese-making class sponsored by Slow Food Boston, followed by a visit to the Fiore di Nonno workshop, and culminating in burrata appetizers at Oleana, Garden at the Cellar, and the Rialto bar. The Farmer's Markets also featured a cooking demo by Jody Adams, which led to the meal at the Rialto, as well as numerous tastings of Taza Chocolate, which inspired a final project for my Intro to Soft Matter physics class and an ongoing research interest. Coincidentally, Taza Chocolate and Fiore di Nonno are located in the same building in Somerville and Taza Chocolate was featured in my birthday treat at Garden at the Cellar. All of the meals that I had were exceptionally tasty and highly recommended, but I have no hunger-inducing photographs or mouth-watering descriptions to offer.

My latest projects include home-made yogurt, shiitake mushrooms from Fungi Perfecti, and reading everything on the linecook blog. Additional suggestions or ideas are always welcome.

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