[by john]

finishing a bottle is one happy, recurring consequence of stocking a bar. it affords the opportunity to try a new spirit, and congratulate oneself on beating the system of expensive drinks at a bar.

our collection has recently seen the demise of some french vermouth, benedictine, and two kinds of rye. all three of these are essential to my bar. french vermouth and rye are featured in nearly every classic cocktail (though rarely together in one drink), while benedictine has become indispensable to my herb-loving palate.

i'm anxious to pick up some dolin vermouth, which is even more delicate than the noilly prat we finished. as for the rye, i think i'll stick with the cheap-and-good-as-hell rittenhouse 100. the restocking will hit my bar-going habits a bit, but that's fine since i'll have new toys to play with.

speaking of budgeting, i hit april and may right on the nose. taken together, i spent about $397 of the allotted $400. solid.


  1. that's around $397 more than what i spent a year. :)

  2. as i said in my early, uh, 'manifesto' (http://observationalgastrophysics.blogspot.com/2009/03/budget.html), cocktails are my devoted pastime. i wager that if you tell me your hobby, i'll find a chunk of change i don't use for it...

  3. in my free time, i watch youtube videos and kick asses in scrabble.

  4. hm, aren't you forgetting your penchant for longboards, yellow vw bugs, and international travel? heh heh...