the original jello shot

[by john]

you know how each generation thinks it's the one that discovered sex? or the word 'guesstimate'? well the same can be said for jello shots, apparently.

yes, that horrid fixture of college house parties was already old news by 1862, when jerry thomas published his book entitled 'how to mix drinks, or the bon-vivant's companion, containing clear and reliable directions for mixing all the beverages used in the united states, together with the most popular british, french, german, italian, russian, and spanish recipes, embracing punches, juleps, cobblers, etc., etc., etc., in endless variety.' (brevity, jerry, brevity.)


there you have it. and you wondered how you could use all that leftover isinglass! the last sentence is one of the better i've encountered in the english language. equal parts quaintness and hilarity, and a damn accurate description of modern day jello shot drawbacks, too.


  1. i like the last sentence too. :)

  2. Have you guys read Gary Regan's "Joy of Mixology"? He talks about how to make a "proper" jello shot. You guys interested in doing some experimentation?

    I also love the last sentence.

  3. hey kevin, thanks for the tip. i'll admit i'm still not sold on the jello shot idea - whether classy or classic or whatever. but maybe some actual experimentation would change that...