my menu

[by john]

after criticizing several types of bar menus, i had to make my own for this weekend when i threw a two-night cocktail party. more on the fĂȘte and the drinks themselves later; for now, i want to share the menu (pdf):

imagine it with a fold down the middle, so that you have the option of deciding based solely on ingredients, or solely on description (name and my musings), or on the combined knowledge.

if i owned a bar, it would be called 'aliment' (not usually applied to drinks, but i like the word and the connotation), and if it had a menu, it would look like this one. clean, elegant, brief, and the ingredients-plus-description style. and hopefully enticing enough to obviate any gin and tonic knee-jerk requests.


  1. If only more bars were as thoughtful. The drinks actually sound appetizing instead of overly ornate (or of the "you'll be drinking a cup of sugar with your thimble of alcohol and water tonight" type).

  2. Not much of a drinker, but who can resist the White Man's Burden as listed? Love it, John, as always.