aquavit, animated

[by john]

the most recent episode of the simpsons, 'coming to homerica', featured a very special surprise guest: aquavit! the scandanavian spirit, distinctive both for its caraway flavor and its method of aging - sailing the barrels across the equator and back, made its way into springfield with the wave of fargo-esque accented immigrants from the next town over.

moe, that intrepid entrepreneur, started serving it in the bar...

...to the detriment of homer's heath the next morning.

stills courtesy (not really) of fox and hulu.

there's currently a bottle of linie aquavit in our bar, thanks to my recently-returned-from-sweden roommate. the stuff is alright, but not remarkable. it just gets mixed up in my head with all of the other gnarly, anise-tasting national spirits (ouzo, raki, arak...).

[self-editor's note: i give credit to mike for bringing this to my attention, and for procrastination grant #281334b.]

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