a different (red)neck of the woods

[by john]

the regular drinking companions finally made it to deep ellum together on tuesday night. a combination of subway-inacessability and oversight had left this bar the last unchecked must-try cocktail destination on our list. but we rallied together for their redneck luau.

they mixed up four original tiki drinks to go along with the enormous pile of meat they were serving up. (the menu warned that several animals were harmed in the making of this event.) my favorite, a tasty mix of dewars, honey-ginger syrup, lime, apricot, and ginger beer, was the grass kilt. (great name, too.) the suffering hillbilly was also notable: the allspice dram in it really took control to make sure that the grenadine and pineapple juice didn't run away and over-sweeten the drink. the only other time i had a cocktail with allspice dram, it tasted like christmas, and not in a good way.

[by Michael]

John's description of his two drinks are dead on.  I was a little afraid that the pineapple juice in the Hillbilly would be overpowering but the dram really kept it in check.  My only dissent is regarding his previous allspice dram cocktail: it screamed Christmas in all the right ways.  Andy, another friend, and I completed the menu.  I started with a Volcano (rum, Cherry Heering, citrus, and bitters), which featured an intriguing house made tiki bitters, while Andy took on a Shipwreck (rum, Picon, and Swedish Punsch).  

The highlight of the evening, however, was the meat!  Roast pig and brisket were served under the glare of a roasted pig head, complete with an apple clenched in its jaw.  While the pork was juicy and the skin was great, the brisket quietly usurped the meal with its intense smoke flavor, crisp exterior, succulent pockets of fat, and fall apart texture.  

A close second to the meat?  John's leaving early to meet up with friends, only to end up on the same bus as Andy and I.  You just can't rush the consumption of barbecue.

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